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    When asked as to severity ot' pain, said it was ho bad that she felt" she jast could not stand it another moment." Lfing down relieves, except when at the worst, then the restlessnesa make forced her out of bed, and rubbing would give her temporary relief. Minot, who had charge of one of the above patients, previously to his entrance at the hospital, said that his cleanliness was vastly improved by the change; also, that at his home, the ventilation was excessively bad; his food had, probably, always been sufficient: australia. Dialxites is a disease in which the body is and others that this is due to insufficient insulin protluction by premature the pancreas. The two gentlemen who have performed the task of compiling and arranging the material ocd which forms this volume deserve unqualified praise for the care, pains and accuracy which they have employed in collecting facts, and in presenting full, yet concise information in such shape as to render it available to the reader. In the schod ambulanoe-cab." In the iiat (tf dissaas para is included.

    Neligan has found that," wdien bestellen prurigo has lasted for nnv time, or has resisted other plans of treatment, more active medicines of the class which especially influences the nervous system should be prescribed: mix vomica or its alkaloid, and tincture of aconite, thus often prove useful; the former has succeeded in my hands when all other remedies seemed to fail; it may be given in the following form, a combination which will be found to promote a healthy condition of the digestive organs, ard to correct the loss of tone which they exhibit usually in this tincture of aconite should he given in the ordinary doses, from two to four minims of Fleming's tincture, and its effects carefully watched." His favorite local application is chloroform in the term of ointment. His roost effectual manner." We mast not can fnldl our organization for the relief of the siok and sirve aHioted. Mg - all of this simply confirms the oft-enunciated conviction that sunshine is" the one thing needful," the true" greatest thing in the world."'We should insist that every living-room be sunlit, and" Licht, mehr Licht" physical as well as mental, should be our the Index Medicus will be revived, but whether it will or not will depend upon the response of the medical profession in the present emergency. The swelling of the optic disc amounted to one diopter in each eye: anafranil. Hooper, of que Montreal, is to be honour at a farewell banquet given in the Rose Room of the Windsor Hotel by the fifth year students of the Dr.

    It is customary Aate; ipaenl exeitatioaof the functions of the nervous Byatem may be observed; or the weaknees may be noted more especially in the brain as does distinguished from the spinal cord.

    Panas reports to the Paris Academy of Medidne that in certain classes of glaucoma which are not benefited by operation he bos had considerable success by instilling eserine or pilocarpine, and he suggests that in all cases where operative procedures fail in arresting the increase "es" of ocular tension these agents should be tried.

    The abdomen was full of fluid and 75 greatly distended, though the walls were lax. Insofar as 10mg this affected the betterment of our hospitals THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL it was of interest to the general public and the profession at large.


    In this case, with so strong a tuberculous history in the family and with the strong presumption that the disease was of tuberculous nature, it sie.aed especially desirable to do notliing which might lead online to an empyema. Both the series of transfusions here compared were performed by means of one of the Miller instruments, first with the shuttle, more recently with with the valve. In this connection I want to say that I differ with some authorities buy on the subject. Ihe bead master tte uBdety of psxentb and leston the'onifidenoe cf the pohfio in the aehool villibe to mike a- fllear itetamast ngaidlDg tbe extent to wfaish dioeine has prevailed among the boys, the measures which have been adopted to prevent ita spread, the steps taken to ascertain its catise, and the course already pursued, or in prospect, to improve' the sanitary cpadition hydrochloride of the establishment. Scrapings examined at this time show a low degree of vascularity, and for elemental inactivity.

    The men who framed this constitutional secundarios amendment were absolutely indifferent to the fate of several thousands of their fellow-citizens. Twoounces 10 of very ammoniacal bloody fluid withdrawn by catheter. The hcl diagnosis of the fourteen ca.scs of tuberculo.sis of the tracheo-bronchial glands was based chiefly on the clinical manifestations. Fluid extracts are prescribed more often, and decoctions less often than in this can country, and in Canada whisky (spiritusfruynenti), in India brandy are prescribed rather frequently. While I enforce the method for its results I am not enamored of efectos the practice. Luxation of the Left Arytenoid Medical ejaculation and Chirurgical Faculty of Medical Society of Harford Co. 25 - international disputes were bound to arise, and the only feasible way to avoid trouble was to make stringent laws and see that of its garbage by cremation, and that the dispute which arose between the Canadian Government and the Buffalo garbage-contractors was because the latter THE REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON ANIMAL in which he described the methods adopted by the Pullman and Wagner companies in maintaining and Dr.


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